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There is a requirement to include a message concerning TestSafe on lab forms, instructions for this is provided below:

PMS Setup

You can ‘prevent TestSafe sharing’ on the patient’s behalf using the laboratory order form. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your community laboratory provider.

It is important that patients are aware of the choices concerning TestSafe. When TestSafe was launched in 2006 an message was added to the end of laboratory order forms printed from your PMS. The details for this have changed and the message should now read:

"Test Results and other selected information is available to health professionals involved in your care via a secure online database known as TestSafe. You can choose to restrict sharing of your test results by calling 0508 CARE CONNECT (0508 227 266) however this may result in some tests being re-taken."

Where possible, the following message should also be added so that patients don’t call TestSafe when they wish to make an enquiry with the laboratory:

"Lab tests ordered by General Practice are performed by LabTests Auckland, contact 0508 LABTESTS (0508 522 837)"

You can put these messages on your lab forms using administration features available in your PMS. The following links provide some instructions on this:

  • Medtech
  • Houston 
  • Mypractice - contact your vendor if not recieved in an update
  • Intraheath - contact your vendor.


If you experience difficulty and require some assistance, please use your usual channels for PMS support. Alternatively, email your query. Please provide contact details, note your PMS and detail the issue you are experiencing.


See the Get access section


TestSafe Pharmacy provides you with access to selected laboratory results for patients in your care. This will be particularly helpful when you:

  • Need to establish what medicines a patient is taking
  • Need more information before dispensing a prescription or recommending a 'pharmacy only' medicine
  • Are performing a Medicines Use Review
  • Need lab test results, like INRs or renal function, when dispensing a prescription
  • Involved in integrated care initiatives such as gout management, rheumatic fever prevention etc

TestSafe can also be used by DHB Pharmacists to view community dispensing records, reducing the need for you to spend time on the phone responding to hospital queries. TestSafe is linked into the “eMedication Reconciliation” project that the DHBs wrote to you about in March 2010 and in the future will be the way you can access information on hospital prescribing.

How it works

An update is installed on your Toniq or LOTS system to send dispensing data to TestSafe. There is no cost involved and no need for you to do anything extra day to day.
For detailed information, work your way through the menu item at the top of this page.

Common Concerns

With anything new there are always concerns about impacts and risks for you as healthcare professionals. Common concerns are covered in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact the CareConnect TestSafe service if you have any further queries or concerns, see 'Contacts' above.

Access to Clinical Information

Access to TestSafe for Pharmacists from community pharmacies is aligned with other Healthcare Providers and comprises the following

  • Lab results from community and hospital laboratories
  • Radiology reports from DHB based imaging services, and private radiologists reports copied to the repository
  • Community Pharmacy dispensing records for prescribed medications
  • Reports from other DHB based testing services such as Cardiology. 
  • Electronic Discharge Summaries from the DHBs
  • A variety of clinical documentation including clinic letters
  • eReferrals
  • A single view of all DHB appointments

Pharmacists have have a responsibility to check lab results in certain circumstances when dispensing, for more information on this click here.

If you are a community laboratory test orderer, specimen taker or community pharmacist, there is a responsibility to communicate to your patients the way information is shared. We have put together a package of materials to assist with this to minimise the time this may involve. For all the details on this requirement, along with sample materials and an order form, see 'Consumer Communications' on the menu above.

Other resources

Detailed information for Pharmacists is provided in the presentations following. Click on the relevant link, this includes resources and templates to improve your compliance with Health Information Privacy Code compliance.


Radiologists can send results to TestSafe. Click one of the following links for more information:


To find out how to access testsafe data for audit, evaluation and research, click on the following links:

Submit your request to:


Costs of Data Extracts

The cost model we use is based upon two primary drivers:

  • standard hA recovery rate for the chargeable BI Developer project role – currently $80/hr
  • the nature and specific requirements of the data request. Our experience over the last couple of years shows 5 days effort covers the majority of these requests

 Therefore ~$3200 is an indicative estimate for most requests unless other specific requirements exist. This covers the following tasks:

  1. Design of TestSafe data extract(s) assisting the customer in identifying patient and test/observation data sets within the TestSafe repository
  2. Development of data extract using TestSafe test database environments and sample data supplied to customer to validate the content and form of the extract
  3. Execution of the data extracts from the live TestSafe database environment – extracts can take many hours depending on the data volume
  4. Secure (e.g. encrypted) transfer of data extract file(s)s to a customer defined location or individual
  5. Follow-up with customer to confirm data extract requirements have been satisfied